Post Natal Pilates


Post Natal Pilates in Oxford The body comes under huge strain during pregnancy, with changes to your posture, your muscle balance, your physiology and your core muscle strength. Those all-important deep abdominals and pelvic floor muscles now have to contend with an increased load that is very focused in and around the pelvic [...]

Post Natal Pilates2023-04-27T15:29:38+01:00

The role of physiotherapy in chronic pelvic pain


Many people ask me “what on earth has physiotherapy got to do with healing pelvic pain?” because surely you need to see a Gynaecologist or a doctor of some sort. My answer is yes of course, doctors are hugely important with understanding any pelvic symptoms. However we are learning more and more in recent years [...]

The role of physiotherapy in chronic pelvic pain2019-05-31T12:02:16+01:00
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