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We are a team of expert professionals providing specialist physiotherapy services in Oxford to individuals who want to optimise their Pelvic Health.

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We are a team of Physiotherapists, specialising in Pelvic Health and have a broad range of clinical knowledge

Charlotte Church
Charlotte ChurchClinic Partner and Physiotherapist
Katie Gore
Katie GoreClinic Partner and Physiotherapist
Cat Kemp
Cat KempSpecialist Pelvic Health Physio
Olivia Prince
Olivia PrinceSpecialist Pelvic Health Physio

Expert Healthcare

We are a team of Physiotherapists, specialist in Pelvic Health and have a broad range of clinical knowledge gained over a collective period of 30. As experts we all hold post graduate qualifications in the specialist area of Pelvic Health. We have active relationships with health care professionals, GPs, medical consultants, other therapists and most importantly our patients.
  • We are registered with the HCPC, CSP and POGP

  • 30 years experience

  • Specialists in ante/post natal, gynaecological, and chronic pelvic health physiotherapy


Oxford Physiotherapy Clinic Values

To bring together expert physiotherapists in Pelvic Health to provide bespoke care throughout Oxfordshire.

  • Clinical excellence. You can trust us to deliver high quality, evidenced based treatment.
  • Collaborative care. We acknowledge often high level care requires multi-faceted approach.
  • Respectful. We understand that pelvic health issues can feel daunting, so we will always prioritise your dignity.
  • Personal. We will work with you to provide tailored care.
  • Timely appointments. We will do our best to see you as soon as possible.
Specialist Physiotherapy Experience

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We know how important it is to see a specialist as quickly as possible, Oxford Physiotherapy Clinic is a private clinic with the flexibility to offer timely appointments.